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North Star Rise

Hunter's Moon

Vision in Grey

Dust and Sand

Burning Love

Someone Like You

All The Stars

Holding Back the Tide



Tiny Devotions

Lisa Lambe, is one of Ireland’s best-known performers. Described by the Irish Times as the finest singer and actor of her generation, she is now poised to attract a global audience with her forthcoming album, Juniper.

Lisa’s first album was recorded in Nashville in 2015. She embarked on her latest album, Juniper with producer Karl Odlum in 2019 and it is her most ambitious project yet. This second solo album was written in the west of Ireland and recorded at the remote Attica Studios in County Donegal. Lisa describes the eleven-song collection as “a love letter to nature” Her songwriting, although inspired by the Irish landscape and surroundings is also thoroughly universal, modern and international.

Lisa’s keen poetic musical sensibilities and the soulfulness of her voice land the music somewhere between a Natalie Merchant (10,000 Maniacs) rock timbre and an Alison Kraus country rasp. The entire Juniper album was recorded live in one room, Lambe says, with the mid-tempo first single, “Tiny Devotions” capturing “the immediate and rare joy of musicians playing together during a recording session.” “Someone Like You” is a slow-burn groove flecked with acoustic guitar and clear-eyed melodies a la Kacey Musgraves or Joni Mitchell; “Hunter’s Moon” is a light blues number with a singalong chorus that points back to the vibe of Fleetwood Mac’s catalog; the title track “Juniper” is an atmospheric ballad with gauzy harmonies and the low hum of a minor-key organ that paints an aural portrait of Ireland’s wild and haunted Western edges.

Lisa says she imagined Juniper, as a colorful story of nature, time and place. “The title track was sparked by a boldly gnarled juniper tree I spotted on an isolated bog road.”

It’s no surprise that Lisa’s new songs conjure moods and visions: She graduated Trinity College Dublin with distinction as an actor, working with Ireland’s National Theatre and starring in many smash hit plays including most recently “Jimmy’s Hall.” She is a frequent guest on national radio and television in Ireland and has appeared at world renowned venues including Radio City Music Hall in New York City, Nokia Live in Los Angeles, Red Rocks in Colorado, as lead singer with Celtic Woman. As a solo artist, Lisa has performed globally including Celtic Connections Scotland, Glastonbury UK as well as The Irish Arts Centres in London, Paris and New York. Ireland’s Hotpress called Lisa’s voice “sumptuous;” RTE described her as a “national treasure”, and the Irish Times labeled the singing on her 2015 album, Hiding Away, “pure gold”. In 2018, Broadway World debuted her cover of the Guess Who classic, “These Eyes.”

Lisa’s creative and artistic talents deserve a wider audience, and with Juniper, the possibilities are endless. “The purpose of the project was to capture the lightning of making music”, she says. “I’m a live-in-the-moment artist and whether in the studio or onstage, I have to ground myself in the moment, feel what I’m receiving from the songwriting, and give something back to serve the song. With this recording, there was a huge desire in me to find the tribe of musicians and listeners to go on a completely new journey with me. All the elements came together, and the result is a vast landscape of colour and sound not tied to one nationality or
genre but instead to the notion of a tribe.”

Welcome to the Juniper tribe.

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