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January 2015… it’s a go!

Happy New Year to everyone ! SO excited for 2015, a new website, new album and lots of new projects over the next few months…can’t wait !

Hope it’s a great year for all of us.

Lisa x



  • Steve-O

    Dear Lisa,

    I am glad I got to see and meet you a few times with CW (OK twice). I am of course fully behind you all the way whichever way you choose to go. I’m preordering now, and hope to see you again one day.


    • LisaLambe

      Steve thanks so much, stay tuned here for all updates ! Thanks for the kind words x Lisa

  • Peter

    Happy New Year, Lisa!
    Congratulations on the new album! I’ll be looking forward to checking it out when it is available in the U.S. Based on your Facebook post, I am guessing this means you will be leaving Celtic Woman since you have so many things coming up. I’m very sorry to hear this but it’s a small price to have you able to build your solo career up! Unfortunately I don’t get to go to concerts very often any more anyway, as much as I would like to but I will continue to follow along here! Wishing much happiness and continued (and even greater) success in the new year!

    • LisaLambe

      Thank you so much Peter for your kind words. Happy new year x Lisa x

  • Nick Nannfeldt

    Your site is reflective of your beautiful personality. Being greeted by the lovely song “Heaven” is a nice touch. I am definitely going to order your album! I am truly blessed to have met you on many occasions. I will never forget the first time (your first year with CW) when we discussed the collage I made of the only pics I could find of you. You were at that M & G with Chloe. You took the time to talk with me about each pic on the page, to tell me your favorite (leaning against the pole with your hair done up), and I knew then just how special you would be and are. It’s an honor knowing you, and I know this will be a successful venture for you.

    • LisaLambe

      Nick thanks for the kind words, this project is only the beginning ! Thanks for all the endless support x

  • Allan

    This is Gonna be ur year ! Wish u all the best , can’t wait to have this piece of art ! IM SO PROUD OF U !!!! Xoxo from Mexico

    • LisaLambe

      2015 is gonna be a good year x thanks so much Allan for all your support x

  • James

    Hey Lisa!! Happy New Year to you. I have tickets to see CW March 18 in New Jersey and YOU BETTER BE WITH THEM THIS TIME!!! Missed seeing you this past May at radio City( I was there, you were not). I love Lynn too but not as much. Can you set my mind at ease and say you will be there this time please.LOL. Cant wait to get your CD.
    Big Fan
    Jim (Middletown NY)

    • LisaLambe

      Thanks James, unfortunately I won’t be there on March 18th, but know you will have a wonderful time at the show!
      x happy new year

  • Tink Irvin

    Wishing you the best as you have always given.

  • Richard J. Burbine

    Hello Lisa, Just wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year. I hope your year will be filled with much happiness and success. We will miss you on the CW tour, but hope to see you tour the States, in the coming years. God Bless you!
    With love from California

  • Eric Sterling

    Congrats, Lisa. I’ve been waiting for you to record. I knew when you did, it would be amazing and nothing less.

    • LisaLambe

      Thanks so much Eric and Linda, happy new year to you both and thanks for the support x LL

  • Scott Manke

    So very excited about the new album! None of us had a clue that was coming! What a wonderful treat and mine in now ordered! A hearty salute from all of us in the Lisa Lambe Navy for an amazing 2015 for you and your fans!

    • LisaLambe

      Thanks Scott and to you all for the endless support I can’t wait for you all to hear it x

  • Brian

    i am devastated that you won’t be with CW on March 17 when I have concert tickets – but I wish you all the best and all good luck with your new ventures!

    Who will be stepping in to fill your shoes?

    • LisaLambe

      Thanks Brian, stay tuned here for all my latest updates , sorry to miss you March 17th x

  • Olda

    Zdravim Lisa.Přeji mnoho uspěchu v Novém roce a gratuluji k nové desce.Jsem z ceske republiky a bude problém ji získat ale přesto všechno tě neustale sleduji na you tube a těšim se z tvých písmni.Moc za ně děkuji.S pozdravem Olda.

  • Joe Sheppard

    We’ll miss ya on tour this spring with CW but couldn’t be happier for you being able to realize a dream. We wish you MUCH success and will look for ya somewhere down the road.
    Forever a Borghini!

  • mike eebest8

    I have recently started a blog, the info you offer on this web site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

  • Eugenie

    Hello Lisa,

    A Happy New year to you.
    I am really excited about your new Album and when it’s out I wil order because I can’t miss you .
    I allready thought you would leave CW…….was Symphony your last performance with CW?…….If so I hope you will come to the Netherlands too someday.
    Lots off love and good luck with your journey. …I will follow you ..XXX

    • LisaLambe

      Thanks Eugenie x

  • Steve & Deb Reasbeck

    So excited for you, Lil Lambe. Deb & I met u several times with CW….as terrific a performer u are u are even a more wonderful person. U deserve all the best, and u have our support to get it. Ur support for Alone IE, and the opportunity to spend more time with family…we’ll c u again. We’ll keep in touch. New song is “Heavenly”. God Bless, Stay safe.

    • LisaLambe

      Thanks so much Steve and Deb for your endless kindness and support xxx

  • Craig Newman

    Hi Lisa,
    Congrats! on your first solo album. You will be missed for CW shows. We had a phone conversation back on December 2012 for the first CW Sympohony tour and saw you at Costa Mesa, California for that. . I am happy I took some photos on stage with CW at Chumash Casino at Santa Ynez, California. That both shows I did reviews of got posted and your interview too.

    • LisaLambe

      Hi Craig, lovely to hear from you hope you are doing well x

  • John Mann

    These announcements are exciting news for your many fans, already aware of the seemingly endless multi-talents which you possess, advising us of upcoming opportunities to see you display them in environments new to us! We, your fans, will follow and support you in all that you do always!

    • LisaLambe

      Thanks John and much love to you,thanks for all the support xxx

  • Stephanie E

    Dear Lisa,

    I must say that when I first heard you where no longer going to be touring with Celtic Woman that I was shocked and deeply saddened. I am a huge fan of Celtic Woman and of you but I totally and 100% support your decision. Congrats on your new Album (I listened to the sample and it was OUTSTANDING!!!). I will miss seeing you on stage along side the others but I wish you happiness, love and a very bright future with everything you do! I know you’ll rock the house with every performance you do! Good luck, God bless you and your family and thank you for sharing your incredible talent with the world!

    Forever a fan! Stephanie E.

    • LisaLambe

      Thanks a million Stephanie, stay tuned here for more updates!!!

  • Bernadette Toombs

    Dearest Lisa,
    As much as. I will miss you on the CW tour, I will be more excited to learn of your complete promotional schedule and look forward to coming to see you and share a cuppa tea. Wishing every exciting moment in your dreams to be true and then some! I pray my copy of your CD arrives really quickly. Remember to come back across the pond and perform here for us too. Much love Lil Lambe, Bernadette

  • Sammie Whigham

    Awfully enlightening many thanks, It appears like your current readers could possibly want even more blog posts similar to this continue the fantastic effort.

  • Gonzalo Scroggie

    that is what i used to be imagining ninth of nov wasn’t away from this world

  • Theresa2338

    Dear Lisa I love you so much Ur voice is incredible Ur so awesome i wish i could of saw you live Ur so amazing. i was wondering are you ever coming back to Celtic woman i went to the 3arena Dublin and i wish you could of been there to sing Dulaman song cause its my favorite but it was still amazing and Ur album is awesome! im a big fan i cant get over how amazing all of the amazing voices of Celtic woman i was a big fan of the emerald tour i think it was awesome i hope you didn’t choose to leave Celtic woman cause i really was hoping that the Celtic woman from the emerald would show up but i only found out recently Chloe left the band but just now i found out i thought you would be at the 3arena but you werent but its fine cause i love ur album i just wish i could see you in real life but Susan was awesome and the others i really liked there dresses. Ur incredible at singing!!

  • Theresa2338

    Dear Lisa you have a amazing angelic voice i was wondering are you quitting Celtic woman i went to 3arena i thought you were gonna be there cause i remember watching Celtic woman emerald on TV im such a big fan of the emerald tour i wish i was there i only found out recently chloe left the band so i thought you were gonna be there for 3arena but you weren’t i was a little sad you 1weren’t there to sing dulaman but it was still awesome! ur incredible i wish i could see you in real life im such a big fan! i love Ur new album

    • LisaLambe

      Thanks Theresa, sorry I missed you at the 3Arena ! Glad you enjoyed it and stay tuned here for all my music updates x

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