Ticket Price: 15 Euro

A deliciously dark retelling of Henny Penny, the classic tale of survival.

Under the twinkling lights of a charming French café a waitress sits polishing her knives. Set in the shadows of the First World War, one cunning customer is about to be served a meal he will never forget. At Le Monde Bouleversé revenge is a dish best served cold.

A Feast of Bones is a musical fable from Theatre Lovett featuring live music and an original score. The company take their inspiration from the story of Henny Penny, paralleling this story of five birds who joyously march towards an unforeseen doom with the jingoistic march of Europe towards a ‘glorious’ war in 1914.

Written by Frances Kay and directed by Muireann Ahern

Starring Lisa Lambe, Louis Lovett, Nico Brown, Martin Brundsen and Amelie Metcalfe